• The normal delivery time for the products is shown at the checkout when your country is selected.
  • Delivery for in stock products is usually 2-4 days throughout the Netherlands.
  • For export orders we list the delivery time for your country at the checkout or the table below but this is for in stock orders.
  • For out of stock products please get in contact with us for the latest lead time. Once the products are in stock and ready with the manufacturer or distribution hub delivery times as above will be expected.
  • We can only ship to the card holders address, a garage or work address.
  • We only ship with recognised carriers such as DHL or TNT.
  • We are not responsible for any additional costs as a result of extended delivery times unless prior consent is given in writing by a member of the team.
  • If your order is out of stock the team will be in contact with you to give you an expected lead time for the items ordered.

Delivery Prices

We try to ensure the delivery prices below are correct for 1 kit, however if larger orders are placed we will contact you to make you aware of any delivery price changes.

Country Delivery Time Price
Austria 4-7 Days  €25.00 EUR
Belgium 4-7 Days  €17.50 EUR
Bulgaria 5-9 Days
 €29.00 EUR
Croatia 5-9 Days  €29.00 EUR
Czechia 4-7 Days  €27.50 EUR
Denmark 5-9 Days  €29.00 EUR
Netherlands 4-7 Days  €8.50 EUR
Estonia 6-10 Days  32.50 EUR
Finland 5-9 Days  €42.50 EUR
France 5-8 Days  €25.00 EUR
Germany 4-7 Days  €17.50 EUR
Greece 5-9 Days  €35.00 EUR
Hungary 5-9 Days  €29.00 EUR
Ireland 5-8 Days  €29.00 EUR
Italy 4-7 Days  €32.50 EUR
Latvia 4-7 Days  €32.50 EUR
Lithuania 4-7 Days  €32.50 EUR
Luxembourg 4-7 Days  €22.50 EUR
Norway 5-9 Days  €22.50 EUR
Poland 4-7 Days  €25.00 EUR
Portugal 4-7 Days  €27.50 EUR
Romania 5-9 Days  €27.50 EUR
Slovakia 5-9 Days  €29.00 EUR
Slovenia 5-9 Days  €29.00 EUR
Spain 4-7 Days  €25.00 EUR
Sweden 5-9 Days  €29.00 EUR
Switzerland 5-9 Days  €89.00 EUR